Leather Shoes for Babies, Toddlers and Little Kids!


We want your children to love their shoes; our goal is to make quality, playful shoes that kids want to wear. Fun, simple, modern classics make it easy to match mood and style, while quality materials and thoughtful design ensure shoes will also keep up with their movement and support healthy foot development!

mar&teo was founded by Anselmo and Alexis - a husband and wife team based in Boulder, Colorado. mar&teo as a brand is the intersection of our eclectic backgrounds and desires.  We are a family of shoe lovers - boots, sandals, oxfords, lace ups, slip-ons...

Once we had a daughter – Mar - walking, running and playing with a small child made us appreciate how much good children's shoes matter.  We found a lot of quality shoes and over time we picked the details we liked best; natural leather uppers and linings, fully flexible foot beds, easy on and off (who needs buckles) - and of course the details Mar loved; modern, fun, pretty and a bit of sparkle! 

Anselmo loves craftsmanship, quality and natural materials (you should see his shoes). He also has a background in manufacturing and purchasing - plus he's from Brazil.  When the time came to find a partner to make our shoes he knew where to find them. Alexis has always had a love of beautiful materials and excellent design - the balance of form and function is her niche and she knew that like-minded people would appreciate modern designs made with excellent materials

Most importantly we adore being parents and love our family - our daughter Mar is funny, expressive, sees beauty in everything and loves to laugh and play, so it was only natural to be inspired by her essence when building our company. Teo is our nephew; curious, independent and joyful - he follows Mar wherever she goes!

We want all children to start life on the right foot; explore the larger world and participate in their community - our contribution; good shoes for long adventures!



mar&teo family feet - passion led us heremar&teo - mar in her signature shoes

 The Factory

We have so many choices in how we shop and what we look for.  It is important for us to be transparent about where our shoes come from and the people who craft them.  Our factory is located in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil and is known for its quality and craftsmanship as well as its dedicated staff.

The factory, hand made shoescraftsmanship and employee dedicationmade ethically in Brazil